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The first stage in any DFL project is Insight. Our point of orientation is the learner, the teacher, the curriculum specialist, not the technology. This focus is significant. Stories of poorly executed technology adoptions are common. Addressing the risks and implementing strategies that overcome the barriers is essential. This is made easier when the solutions are designed to fit user needs rather than requiring that users change in order to satisfy technology requirements.


No institution has exactly the same vision of education as another. At the national level curriculum is influenced by many factors including language, culture, religion, environment / geography, industrial focus, the national vision. Philosophical considerations are also important as they influence the forms of instruction, the methods of evaluation, the tools of learning, and the management and communication environment that is implemented.


We offer our customers a range of solutions that allow for the conversion of existing content objects into new file formats that will deploy across devices. Whether you are a software or print publisher, or an educational authority with teacher generated learning resources, our content conversion solutions will help “future-proof” your learning resources for delivery on today and tomorrow’s technologies.


We have been at the forefront of developing practical solutions for the delivery of educational content for the mobile world. Our multiplatform EPUB3 eReader allows the latest standards of EPUB3 files to be deployed across multiple device types providing a delivery platform for students and teachers to access high quality curriculum content anywhere, anytime.


Rights Management System
We specialize in supporting the effective delivery of learning resources that meet the needs of our customers. Our Content Rights Management System is an Enterprise-level solution that can integrate with your back-end ERP or Finance system to support the procurement and distribution of licensed content.


We offer the flexibility to utilize our solutions on your platform of choice. Our content and platform solutions integrate with all market standard learning management (“LMS”) and student information (“SIS”) systems, so course listings, curriculum mapping, grades, student attendance and other important data can be easily tracked and managed.



About Us

Dataflow Learning (“DFL”) is an education consulting and technology provider, specializing in product and solutions for the education sector.

The DFL team has a unique blend of skills and experience in the global digital education business and has been at the forefront of innovation for the past 14 years.

DFL is an innovator in the newly emerging market for mobile education or “M-Learning”. DFL has developed its own range of proprietary technology solutions to address educators’ and publishers’ needs.

DFL offers a range of incremental solutions designed to meet the needs of school districts and educators faced with meeting the challenges of today’s technology environment, with particular focus on open access to standards based content, future-proofing existing assets, anywhere anytime learning, and device independent learning delivery.

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